Custom Lithophanes


See custom lithophanes based upon photos in this 30 second video.

Aren’t lithophanes amazing? We make beautiful custom lithophanes for Evergraph.

Our most popular item is the custom lithophane nightlight. You can see many examples of our nightlights in the Lithophane Night Lights. Or, you can visit our Etsy shop at

We also designed the LED light panels used to illuminate them. There are four great things about our light panels:

  • the LED lights do not get hot,
  • the LED lights last an incredibly long time (about 5 years if you leave them on all the time),
  • the panel disperses the light evenly so you don’t have dark and bright spots on your lithophane,
  • the panels are thin which makes them easy to frame!

Perhaps you have a special photo you would like to have made into a custom lithophane? Please visit our website at to view our gallery website. We have some great testimonials!

lithophane pipi unlit

Is only takes us a few days to make your lithophane and we can make them in small and very large custom sizes. If you want to contact us with questions, then we’ll answer you quickly.
If you like our work, please take a moment to learn more about us at

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Buy Custom Lithophane Night Lights


Click on the thumbnail images below to see custom lithophane nightlights.

If you love the look and originality of a lithophane, you will be excited to learn there is a way to experience a continual light source behind it – so you can admire and enjoy your lithophane whenever it is turned on. It’s a new custom lithophane nightlight – and you can buy one based upon your own photo.

These custom lithophane nightlights are made exclusively by Evergraph in Columbus, Ohio. Emily Journey, the owner and principal artisan at Evergraph, customizes each lithophane by carefully carving your favorite photo into the material. Photos of your children, family, beloved pets or vacation scenes can all make great lithophane nightlights. Lithophanes last a lifetime, and are a wonderful way to preserve your memories.

Lithophane nightlights radiate a soft, serene light into your room or hallway. It is the perfect way to light the inside of your home at night.

Emily custom designs the light panels that attach to your lithophane from behind, allowing you to experience your favorite photo in a unique form. The panels are made from LED lights, and don’t get hot. They disperse the light evenly, so you won’t have unwanted dark or bright spots in your lithophane. The LED light panels last 50,000 hours, which is about five years if your nightlight is left on 24-hours a day, seven days a week. It truly is a purchase the lasts for years, and replacement bulbs are available should you need them.

Emily is committed to quality and preserving your photo’s nuances, details and emotions into the lithophane nightlight. She spends a great deal of time adjusting the photo before the carving even begins. She will work with you to select the best photo, and can make lithophanes in small or very large custom sizes.

You won’t be waiting months for your lithophane nightlight to be finished. Emily can have your custom lithophane nightlight completed in a few days.

Lithophane nightlights make a unique gift for all occasions. Many people buy custom lithophane nightlights as gifts for engagement parties, weddings, anniversaries and birthdays. You can buy a custom lithophane nightlight to celebrate the birth of a new baby, to preserve a family portrait or to commemorate the passing of a loved one or pet.

Because lithophane nightlights are sturdy and durable, they become a treasured heirloom that is passed down from generation to generation. They won’t break if you drop them and won’t bend if you bump up against them. Even if you have them long enough to replace the light panel, they won’t discolor or fade. Each custom lithophane nightlight is a unique piece of art that captures the essence of what you love. It’s a gift that lasts forever.

You can learn more about Emily’s lithophane nightlight business, view their gallery, and read customer testimonials by visiting the Evergraph website at

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